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About Me

With over 14 years of professional experience in software development, I have honed my skills in diverse environments ranging from small companies to international giants. My expertise lies in designing and developing asynchronous, scalable backend systems that operate seamlessly at AWS-scale across the globe.

Throughout my career, I have been recognized as a team-builder, known for my ability to nurture individuals into leaders and transform teams into successful organizations. From my time at Amazon Luxembourg to my current role with Twitch in Canada, I have consistently demonstrated my passion for fostering growth and driving success.

While I work remotely for Twitch in Canada, my base is located in France. Apart from my professional pursuits, I indulge in my hobby of creating websites. However, my primary focus lies in providing custom functionality within the Wix website platform, leveraging the powerful Velo Framework.

I am always eager to connect and collaborate with like-minded professionals in the software development industry. Feel free to reach out if you're interested in discussing innovative ideas or exploring potential opportunities.

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